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consent n : permission to do something; "he indicated his consent" v : give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to; "I cannot accept your invitation"; "I go for this resolution" [syn: accept, go for] [ant: refuse]

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  1. Voluntary agreement or permission, not unlike assent consent can be achieved by passively not refusing.
    He gave consent to undergo the procedure.

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voluntary agreement


  1. To express willingness, to give permission.

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to express willingness

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Consent as a term of jurisprudence is a possible excuse against civil or criminal liability. Defendants who use this defense are arguing that they should not be held liable for a tort or a crime, since the actions in question were taken with the plaintiff or "victim's" consent and permission.
For cases such as rape that involve the criminal law, see consent (criminal).


For example, if the plaintiff signs a document stating that he or she is aware of the hazards of paintball, and that individual is then injured playing the game, the express consent given in advance may excuse the person who shot the plaintiff. In English law, the principle of volenti non fit injuria applies not only to participants in sport, but also to spectators and to any others who willingly engage in activities where there is a risk of injury. Consent has also been used as a defense in cases involving accidental deaths, which occur during sexual bondage. Time (May 23, 1988) referred to this latter example, as the "rough-sex defense" but it is not effective in English law when serious injury or death results.


The question of consent is important in medical law. For example, a surgeon may be liable in trespass (battery) if they do not obtain consent for a procedure. There are exemptions, such as when the patient is unable to give consent.
Also, a surgeon must explain the significant risks of a procedure (those that might change the patient's mind about whether or not to have it) before the patient can give binding consent. This was explored in Australia in Rogers v. Whitaker (1992) 175 CLR 479. If a surgeon does not explain a material risk that subsequently eventuates, then that is considered negligent. These material risks include the loss of chance of a better result if a more experienced surgeon had performed the procedure .


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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

OK, abide by, accede, accede to, accept, acceptance, accession, acclaim, acclamation, accord, accord to, accordance, acquiesce, acquiesce in, acquiescence, admission, admit, agree, agree to, agree with, agreeability, agreeableness, agreement, agreement in principle, agreement of all, alacrity, allow, allowance, amenability, applaud, approval, approve, approve of, ardor, assent, assentation, authorization, authorize, be agreeable, be agreeable to, be dying to, be eager, be game, be open to, be ready, be spoiling for, be willing, buy, cede, charter, cheer, cheerful consent, chorus, collaborate, common assent, common consent, complaisance, compliance, comply, concede, concert, concord, concordance, concur, concurrence, condescend, conform, connive at, consensus, consensus gentium, consensus of opinion, consensus omnium, consent to, consent to silently, consentaneity, cooperate, cooperativeness, deference, deign, dispensation, dispense, docility, eagerness, endorse, enthusiasm, face the music, favorable disposition, favorableness, forwardness, gameness, general acclamation, general agreement, general consent, general voice, give consent, give in, give leave, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the nod, give the word, go along with, go-ahead, goodwill, grant, hail, harmony, have no objection, hearty assent, hold with, homage, imprimatur, in toto, incline, kneeling, knock under, knuckle down, knuckle under, lean, leave, let, liberty, license, like-mindedness, live with it, look kindly upon, make possible, meeting of minds, mutual understanding, nod, nod assent, nonopposal, nonopposition, nonresistance, not hesitate to, not refuse, not resist, obedience, obeisance, obey, okay, one accord, one voice, passiveness, passivity, patent, permission, permission to enter, permit, pliability, pliancy, plunge into, promptness, ratify, readiness, receive, receptive mood, receptiveness, receptivity, release, relent, resign, resignation, resignedness, responsiveness, right mood, same mind, sanction, say aye, say the word, say yes, seal of approval, single voice, special permission, subjection, submission, submit, submittal, subscribe, subscribe to, succumb, sufferance, supineness, support, swallow it, swallow the pill, take, take it, take kindly to, ticket, ticket of admission, total agreement, tractability, unanimity, unanimousness, understanding, ungrudgingness, unison, universal agreement, unloathness, unreluctance, vote affirmatively, vote aye, vote for, vouchsafe, vouchsafement, waiver, warm assent, welcome, willing ear, willing heart, willingness, wink at, would as leave, would as lief, yes, yield, yield assent, yielding, zeal, zealousness
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